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Re: Floppyless installation

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 07:07:52AM -0800, jack kinnon wrote:
> Thanks for the answer on upgrading. 
> Now I want to do an Internet-based installation of a 'compact'
> flavor. This, I understand, avoids the use of a stack of floppies.
> It requires loading some initial files to the hard-disk, execute 
> the correct files and then download more files from the Net. 
> Folllowing instructions from the Debian sites, I had downloaded
> root.bin, install.bat, linux.bin, drivers.tgz, loadlin.exe. 
> I edited install.bat so that the files referred in there has the
> right directory path. When I executed install.bat, in the 'cmd' 
> window of XP, there was "Invalid keyboard code specified" in the
> beginning, followed by lines about CPU mode and ending with a line
> that reads "WARNING: Not enough free memory (load buffer size)." My
> PC has 256MB.
> Can someone tell me what's wrong?

Loadlin won't work with the NT flavours of Windoze. You need a "real"
DOS mode to make it work.


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