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Re: stretching movies in mplayer

On Sun, 7 Mar 2004, Alvin Oga wrote:
> what was the exact "xv" option ???
> the xinerama  being turned on, let me move xterm and other x11 apps
> split across the 2 monitors ... and presumably 4 monitors..
> but mplayer will only play on 1 monitor
> 	- tried various options

It was a agp nvidia tnt2 card with the nvidia driver and a pci ati mach64
with ati.2 gatos driver, xfree 4.2 (from sid) and mplayer (version
dev-CVS-040127-02:00-3.3.3) with -vo xv (the default).

You could also use "-vo x11 -zoom" that will render directly using X and
should always work in xinerama (but it's slower).


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