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Re: VT6105 LAN on motherboard working with Debian stable 3.0r2

On 7 Mar 2004 at 11:15, Stefan Bellon wrote:

> I have that mainboard (but the 600 MHz Samuel 2 version) and happily
> run Debian GNU/Linux on it.
> So, perhaps the kernel you (the original poster) are using is too old?

Turns out to be the case indeed and it's a bit of a Debian specific 
pain though not that difficult to solve in the end: you need at least 
a 2.4.19 kernel or else you have to compile the driver separately 
from source (which I managed once but then opted to compile the 
2.4.19 kernel source which is supplied in Debian stable (=3.0r2 = 
Woody) though that's only there for the MIPS installations in 
principle.  Another way would be to go for a backport from


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