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Re: Configuring X server

s. keeling wrote:

Incoming from Joseph:
How to configure X in Debian.

lists.debian.org is your friend.  I _think_ the answer is
"dpkg-reconfigure xfree86", but check that.

I must have don't some configuration incorrectly as I can not read any
fonts on the screen. Ctrl+Alt+1 is showing the same unreadable fonts.

<CTRL><ALT>F1 gets you from X Window to the console.  <CTRL><ALT>F7
gets you back to X.

Lilo will not prompt at boot time either.

Edit /etc/lilo.conf.  man lilo.  I use grub and no longer remember
lilo stuff.

try: # dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to start with if these base-files were included at installation (check log}.

maybe even better:

# apt-get -f install xserver-xfree86

just toe see or - of course to install.
hope this will work


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