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Re: Debian Slow?

edward@murrell.co.nz wrote:

> I'm starting to wonder how much difference gentoo's optimization actually
> makes. The labs at uni where I'm writing this from have near identical

> Kernel at labs is 2.4.25 versus 2.6.3 at home. Both use ReiserFS for /.
> Labs use NFS for /home, versus second ReiserFS partion at home for /home/.
> Any ideas? This is driving me insane. Even the CD-Rom mounts faster!
/home on NFS makes Gnome/KDE etc. quite slow, because they keep writing
cache files there, and NFS generally has worse access times (not
necessarily data transfer rates) than harddisks.

Try 'export KDEHOME=/local-home-dir/$USER/.kde' somewhere in your start
scripts, this way the .kde dir will be created locally (but then you will
only have that config locally, of course).

2.6 also has some hefty improvements in memory management, ReiserFS was
optimized, etc. I have an Athlon 2600+ at home, 1G RAM, local 40G DMA-100
disk, /home on network (server is a duron-650). Generally, the speed is
comparable to my lab computer (P4-1800, 80G local disk, 512MB RAM). The
software is the same, KDE 3.2-686-CVS compiled with optmizations and Debian

Jens Benecke
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