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Re: Virtual Consoles take a long time for gettys to restart

On Fri, 05 Mar 2004 16:11:06 +0100, Kent West wrote:

> Ken Bloom wrote:
>>I've observed on my machine over the last several months that it takes an
>>inordinately long time after I log off of one of my machine's virtual
>>consoles before the getty restarts, prints /etc/issue and is ready to
>>accept logins again. Occasionally, I get a situation where init reports
>>the getty as respawning too fast and disables it for 5 minutes. Any idea
>>what's wrong?
> Don't have any idea what's wrong, but thought I'd tell you that I've seen
> references to this in the list every so often (so you might want to check
> the archives), and I've experienced the same on most (all?) of my boxes,
> but it doesn't bother me enough to track it down and fix it; since I
> usually have a free tty I just switch over to it and by the time I need
> the first one again it's ready.
> I only post this so that you'll know it's not just your machine.

A bit of googling revealed

> You will want to add the -L switch to each one. That option
> disables carrier-detection, which is responsible for the
> problems. You don't need carrier detection anyway unless you
> are connecting to your box via a dumb terminal from a remote
> location (you almost certainly aren't).

I, on the other hand, just decided to change to a different getty -
fbgetty, designed for framebuffer consoles like I'm using. (I also tried
mingetty which didn't want to work)

We'll see how that pans out.

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