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Re: installation

Maxime BrouBrou wrote:
here the problem's

- I use windows xp
- My debian iso file are on the NTFS partition
- I got just one partition(i know i need to create another one but in ext2, ext3 or swap(using partition magic 8)
- I want to install Debian with hard drive booting

So...how do i install Debian?
I need some explanation...this is the first time i'm working with linux...just trying to know how it work!

What kind of machine do you have?
Have you researched all your hardware and familiarised yourself with all the details? For example, do you know what video card you have? What your monitor resolution settings are? All of these details are available from within XP in your hardware settings. Once you can advise what type of machine you have, you will be able to select the appropriate installation manual from here:-


In the majority of cases it will be the Intel X86, but best to make sure first.


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