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RE: tun device on 2.6?

Hello Bradley,

Bradley Alexander wrote:
> I have just built a Sparc Ultra 2 with unstable and a locally 
> compiled 2.6.3 kernel. I am trying to run openvpn, which requires use
> of the tun device. I set up /dev/net/tun as noted in the kernel 
> documentation, but when I try to bring the device up by hand, I get 
> [root@neghvar net]# ifconfig tun0 up
> tun0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device

Did you compile the "Universal TUN/TAP device driver support" into the
kernel when you built your kernel?  I would first check this.  You can find
it under "Networking Support > Network Device Support" in menuconfig, or
whatever you use for configuring the kernel.


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