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Re: Beagle.H and Clamav

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 04:40:30PM +0700, T. Albert wrote:
> Hello debian-user,
>   I'm  using  qmail-scanner  + clamav and have the latest signature of
>   clamav  and  clamav  can't  get  Beagle.H  virus.  wondering  if the
>   signature   has  not  been  updated  yet.  do you experience similar
>   thing? thanx for any info.
it's a free databse so it will only be filled with new sigs when someone has
the time to do it. Other problem of generic detection seems to be that the
attached zip archive is password protected. I don't want to know how many
users are even that stupid that they open a password protected zip archive
(password is listet in the mail) and then execute the bullshit in it!

So wait a few days and/or feat it to the bayes filter of your choice so
you can filter it similar to spam.

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