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Re: Digital camera corrupted images

> I have debian unstable up-to-date and a kodak dx3500
> I download images and they get corrupted, while I see them fine on the 
> camera.
> moreover, I had an onld memory card with pictures (I previously 
> downloaded) and when downloading them now
> they are corrupt (images haf gray, bad colors).

Youi *HAVE* to provide more information if you want other people's

What version of Debian? Which software are you using to transfer
the pictures out of the camera? What software are you using to
view the pictures? Ideally cut and paste some of the command
session you did so we can see first hand what happened. Maybe
even put one of these corrupt pics somewhere on the web; maybe
the corruptness itself will make the problem readily identifiable.

> please cc me since I'm not currently on the list

Sheesh! If you want help, then make an effort to make it as easy
as possible for people to help you, or they won't bother.


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