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Re: new installer

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 16:47, Dr Gavin Seddon wrote:
> Hello again,
> A patern of my questions is emerging.  Knoppix 'recognises' all my
> hardware and actually I am growing fond of it, but I cannot use multiple
> partitions on my hdd as I would like to. 

That is no problem.  I have two boxes running what was originally knoppix, and 
one of them has five or six  partitions.  All I did was:
 - slightly oversized the root partition, so that the initial install would
   fit, and then, after installation to hd
 - booted from the CD,
 - mounted the other partitions (Knoppix even sets up mount points for them),
 - copied /usr, /var, /home, etc to where I wanted them, 
 - edited /etc/fstab (the hd version not the ramdisk one knoppix was running
   at that moment), 
 - renamed all the about-to-move directories (eg /mnt/hda/var 
   to /mnt/hda/keepvar) (that was just to have a backup in case of problems)  
 - set up new mount points , and 
 - rebooted.  
After a week or so, I deleted the backup copies and that was that.

If you haven't space for an oversize root partition, you may have to be a bit 
more ingenious (parted, perhaps).



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