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Re: Distributed Jukeboxes for LAN

On 2004-03-02, Bill Moseley penned:
> On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 01:51:43PM -0700, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
>> Have you looked at slimp3?
> I have now.  I wonder if the slimp3 device works the same way as a
> client running xmms.  I suspect it does.

I've wondered that, too.  Let me know if you find out =)


> Slimp3, on the other hand, truly streams the content to xmms and
> maintains the playlists on a central server.  On clients you start up
> something like xmms and point it to the streaming sever.  Clients are
> based by IP number (can be assigned names, of course).  So, all the
> clients are managed via the central server -- you access a web page,
> select an active client and view its playlist and see what it's
> currently playing.  Nice.
> The down side is that since the Slimp3 server is streaming (and the
> client buffering), the interface has a big delay.  Click "skip" in the
> web interface and it can be 30 seconds before the song changes!  No
> back button.

Have you tried changing the caching settings in xmms (or your player of

I've used winamp to great success.  I've used xmms and mplayer, and both
of them seem to be rather buggy =/  Some of this may relate to the
enlightenment sound daemon and its propensity for crashes, though.


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