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Re: sarge installation troubleshooting

cjwatson@debian.org wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 08:54:35PM +0100, Cyril Bérion wrote:
> > I'm trying to install a sarge on an ext2 partition.
> > Partitionning configuration is ok but then I face the following
> > problem:
> > System installation ends with an error. The file
> > /target/var/log/debootstrap.log says:
> > 
> > ln: /target/usr/bin/awk: File exists
> As I understand it, that usually happens if you're trying to install
> onto a non-empty partition. The target filesystem needs to be blank.

This shows up for example, if you retry the "install base system" step.
You have to repeat the "configure and mount partitions" step, which will
clean the partition.

To get there while in the process, "Cancel" out and you should see the old
fashioned but useful complete menu of the installer.

or type "expert" at the boot prompt --- be aware that many more questions
will show up. If you are not in the mood for that, restart the installation
if it has failed.

You did not mention, which image you were using. I suggest to use fairly
recent d-i images available at

  (to become the next beta, if I remember correctly) 
  (the bleeding edge)

Be sure to check out the help available with 'F1' (and other F-keys) at the
boot prompt. 

Also note that you can search the list archive at 


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