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Exim/fetchmail problem


I've been running a server with Debian GNU/Linux stable for a few years
now. Due to some reasons I recently upgraded to unstable. I didn't
change the configuration of exim and fetchmail, but now I'm
experiencing problems.

The relevant part of my /etc/fetchmailrc looks like this:

poll POP3_SERVER proto POP3
        user "USER" there with password "PASS" is USER here ssl no
rewrite fetchall
        mda "/usr/sbin/exim -i -f '<%F>' %T";

Words written in capital are actually replaced with the real values
here on my setup.

Well, the problem now is, that not all mails are fetched anymore, but
mails are left on the server.

That's what /var/log/mail.log has to say about this problem:

Mar  1 05:26:21 roma fetchmail[966]: awakened at Mon Mar  1 05:26:21
Mar  1 05:26:25 roma fetchmail[966]: 1 message for Stefan.Bellon at
pop.t-online.de (37799 octets).
Mar  1 05:26:25 roma fetchmail[966]: reading message
Stefan.Bellon@fwdallmx.t-online.com:1 of 1 (37799 octets)
Mar  1 05:26:25 roma fetchmail[966]: SIGPIPE thrown from an MDA or a
stream socket error
Mar  1 05:26:25 roma fetchmail[966]: socket error while delivering to
SMTP hostpop.t-online.de
Mar  1 05:26:25 roma fetchmail[966]: Query status=2 (SOCKET)
Mar  1 05:26:32 roma fetchmail[966]: sleeping at Mon Mar  1 05:26:32

So, I looked in /var/log/fetchmail and found this:

sh: line 1: >: Permission denied

I guessed that it may be the '<%F>' part in the fetchmailrc and
replaced it with just '%F'. This time, I still get the same problem but
with a different entry in /var/log/fetchmail:

sh: line 1: : No such file or directory

So, I really think the %F part in the fetchmailrc is the problem.
Having investigated the messages that cause this problem, I noticed
that all messages have one thing in common: The same Return-Path: line,
namely this one:

Return-Path: <>

What do I have to change to make that setup work again, even with empty
Return-Path headers?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Stefan Bellon

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