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what are all the bytes streaming into my modem all about?

It's several minutes thru my modem connection, and the icewm ppp
traffic meter is still quite high even though my wwwoffle fetch is
over, noffle is over, exim, fetchmail are over, and mozilla is quiet.

How frustrating not to know what all they bytes streaming into my
computer are all about, or if I can hang up the phone yet before
another coin drops, or might I truncate some file that I am waiting on
and have forgotten.

Is netstat -a the ultimate tool in this case?

If so, is there a script that will take lines like
tcp 0 1 TC210-203-44-79.3:33519 LAST_ACK
and I suppose delve into /proc/ to dreg up some human readable
synopsis of what that connection is all about.

Yes, any tool to give all the details in a verbose untruncated human
format about what the heck each connection, or just the hottest
connection is all about?

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