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Re: Number of workspaces in gnome-2.4

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 15:34, Joakim Hove wrote:
> Hello,
> I just changed from debian stable to debian testing. The "upgrade" was
> remarkably smooth - I only have one small (but oohh so important)
> gripe. 
> The gnome workspace applet comes up with *one single workspace*. Every
> time I log in I bring up the preferences dialog and ask for more
> workspaces, and even save the session. But on the next login it is
> back to one workspace again. Any suggestions on how to keep the number
> of workspaces between sessions?

Are you using Metacity of Sawfish?

Metacity: You need to have "metacity-setup" installed. Once you have
that using it to change the workspace settings.

Sawfish: You need to use the sawfish-ui thinger[1]. Go into it and
change it there.

Save your session. (It may or may not matter)

[1] == Not 100% sure of the name.
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