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Re: Question RE IDE Tape Drives

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Phillip Hofmeister wrote:

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> All,
> I am looking to install a Seagate Travan 10GB/20GB IDE Tape drive into a
> Debian box.

Your basic method listed in the rest of the email is the way to do it.

Keep in mind this tape drive will self destruct in about a year or two of
use.  Sometimes silently.

At least you're using a Seagate and not an HP, which will last 6-12 months
if you're lucky.

As for other IDE drives, I don't know of any offhand that are worth the

SCSI DDS-3/4 tape drives are relatively cheap, especially when you
consider media costs.  You can get a SCSI controller for 75 dollars or so.


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