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Re: What are the reasons for no PHP module for Apache2?

On Mon, 01 Mar 2004 09:30:55 -0500
Jeff Self <jself@nngov.com> wrote:

> Right now, we have a development server that is using Apache2 with
> mod_python and Tomcat, but I have had to install Apache 1.3.29 in
> order to use PHP. What is holding back the Apache2 module for PHP?

AFAIK, the one showstopper is that the PHP libraries aren't threadsafe
while Apache 2 runs "Massively Multithreaded" so to speak. There is a
prefork-server for Apache 2 which is said to run PHP >4.3.something
reasonably well.

Just search the PHP maillists (especially devel) for apache2 and you'll
see a lot of "fun" stuff.

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