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Re: OT: establish private network (no wires)

Brett Carrington wrote:
On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 06:54:54PM +0100, Karsten Bolding wrote:

I'm seeking advice on a technical matter. I want to establish a
private (wireless) network in an area of say 5x5 km2. In this area there
are a number of vehicles moving around and each of the vehicles should
constantly - every second - be updated about the position of the other
vehicles (obtained via GPS). In addition to the position other types of
data might need to be exchanged/distributed as well. Each of the vehicles will have a laptop onboard which will be used for
processing the information obtained from the other vehicles.
Since it is not possible to cover the area with normal wireless access points I'm seeking another carrier of the signal. GSM/GPRS is not really an option either due to the cost of having around 25 phones running 24/7. Does anybody know of another technical solution which I can use to create such a network?

Regular "Wireless access points" (as in 802.11x) can _absolutely_ cover
this distance. All you need is a good antenna and powerful transmitter.
In America you need a license to transmit as very high powers so you
should check with your local govt. I bet if you looked around your neck
of the woods for amateur radio operators they'd be glad to explain how
to do this. There are other solutions too, like short wave radio or the
like. Using regular commodity WiFi however will be easiest to integrate
with laptops though.

If this didn't sound so much like a business setup and you weren't talking about an private (encrypted) wlan, I'd point to [1] APRS for the GPS requirement and [2] HAM 802.11 for the networking.

It sounds like you need some other wireless technology that you can get an FCC radio license for or work out an arrangement with any wireless ISP in your area. Maybe you could set up a second business to be a wireless ISP in your area. :)

There is an 'airnet' where I live that covers at least twenty square miles. Usually they set us up with a directional antenna for the best transmit/receive. There might be omnidirecional antennas that would work well vehicle mounted if the ISP's antenna was somewhere inside of the area.

You've probably already looked into these options though.

[1] http://www.aprs.net/
[2] http://www.arrl.org/hsmm/project.html

Jacob Anawalt
- Not on the list, following via news.
- I apologize in advance for the missing muttish headers

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