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Re: How to change keyboard shortcuts for characters?

On Friday 27 February 2004 10:13, Joerg Johannes wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I am about to learn swedish, and I'd like to write my vocabulary in text
> files. So far I use a german locale, and there is no direct keyboard
> shortcut (I know of) for the "å" character ("a" with a small "o" above).
> I'd like to bind AltGr+a for this character, but it it is already used
> for æ ("a melted with "e")

It's called a diphthong when you form a vowel ligature ("melt" them).

> which I never used before. (what language
> needs this sign, anyway?

IIRC, Danes use æ where Swedes, Norwegians, etc. use ä.  I expect Icelanders 
probably use æ as well.


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