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Re: ext3 why?

On 2004-02-25, xucaen penned:
>> I use ext3 for main partitions so that if the power fails, I be
>> likely to have a corrupt filesystem.  I still use ext2 for /boot, for
>> example, because it is small (therefore the journal's overhead is
>> more expensive) and it isn't updated very frequently and so the
>> probability
> so would you say it's ok to not use ext3 on smaller drive, lets say a
> 2 gb drive?

It's not that simple.  You need to weigh your need for uncorrupted data
and speedy boot against your tolerance for runtime overhead.

I really suggest that you do some googling to learn about
linux-supported file systems, ext2, ext3, and other journalling
filesystems.  You'll be able to ask much more sensible questions.


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