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Re: creating swap partition

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, xucaen wrote:

> Hi all, quick question here. how big should a swap partition be relative to the size of the drive?
> another quickie..  does each hard drive need it's own swap partition?

swap should be 256MB or so  ...  if you see that your system
is using more than 64MB of swap ... add mroe memory
if your apps always runs 100MB files and your binaries are 100MB ..
you probably want to have larger swaps ... 500MB or 1GB swaps

you should spread your swap space out on each disk ...
vs all on one disk ... it'd be faster on multiple disks

ideally... swap should NEVER be used .. too too slow compared to 
adding an extra $20 stick of 256MB of memory

c ya

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