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Re: gnome

Vikram wrote:
> Hello friends
> I tried searching everywhere on Debian website without any luck, or may be
> was not looking at the right place, but what is the version of Gnome that
> comes with Debian Woody 3.0 revision 2?
> Thanks
> Vikram

>Version 1.4.

>apt-cache show gnome-core


That surprises me.  The Gnome is already 2.4.2 stable, why is Debian lagging
in adopting a newer version of Gnome.  If I were to install Debian 3.0_r2,
what would I have to get the benefits of the latest version of Gnome?  Do I
have to install a lot of packages or apt-get can take care of the entire
Gnome suite?  Sorry if my questions sound dumb.

Thanks again

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