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Not sure whatn I'm looking for (WWW related)

I run a small leased machine for my own web/mail services as well as anything else that strikes my fancy. I do provide a few mail accounts to friends and family and recently have wanted to provide a simple page for them to go to where I could give basic news on what's happening with the machine.

Currently I've got a cheezy method of doing it. I've set-up phpbb2 and the slapped the ezPortal mod on top of it. This lets me post items into a forum which show up news-style on the main page. Of course that page is a little more phpbb2-centric than I'd like.

What I'm looking for is something that will let me have just a few informational items on what's happening with the machine and maybe a sidebar for common links into other items I might have of interest. I know I could more than likely whip it up in basic HTML but am looking for for something that is semi-automated and done through a web-browser instead of a text editor.

What I thought I was looking for was a content manager. However it seems that most of the content managers packaged are just rehashes of the quasi-news sites like /. or K5. I've poked at zope-cmf, plone, and a few others and they all seem far above and beyond what I am looking for. I guess another way to describe it is just a basic portal into the system. Here's the news, here's suggested software for use, here are the forums, that's it.

Any clues as to anything packaged (or not) that would fit those simplistic needs?

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