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Re: DNS and Hostnames (was: Re: SSH: does it require portmapper and what hostname is it looking for?)

On 2004-02-18, Jacob S. penned:
> There is something called "round-robin dns", among other things, for
> the purpose of having multiple machines answer queries for the same
> domain name. This is used for domains where web and e-mail traffic is
> heavy enough that one server can't handle the load. It's not typically
> used (or useful) for things like ssh and can cause a lot of problems
> if the servers aren't setup right.

This is a good point.  I don't know much (anything) about round-robin

I suspect, though, in the case of the OP, that if you don't know why
your machines are answering to the same FQDN, they probably shouldn't
be.  Assuming you're the admin, of course.


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