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Re: Raid Level 1 and me

You don't mention this, but did you change your /etc/raidtab file to indicate that hda was no longer a broken disk, but a live part of the array?

funny you mention that .. I don't actually have an /etc/raidtab file, for some reason ...
(this reason: http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2002/12/05/RAID.html?page=1) I thought when using mdadm, you don't use the raidtab file, but rather the /etc/mdadm.conf (/etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf for debian systems) and populate it with
DEVICE		/dev/hdaN /dev/hdcN /dev/hda(N+1) /dev/hdc(N+1) etc...
ARRAY		/dev/md1 devices=/dev/hdc1,/dev/hdc1
ARRAY		...

perhaps I am mistaken?

You probably didn't use the -p switch when you copied, so you applied the umask of the root user to all files you copied. Those permissions are likely too restrictive. Check the original partitions on hda, if they still exist. If the permissions are different, then you'll need to change them.

indeed, no (luckily, my hda boot and / partitions should be still there) ... good call on that one!

[sorry for the excess snippage. :-)]

sometimes censorship is a good thing.


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