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Re: Rejecting viruses the Right Way[tm]

Paul Johnson wrote:
Two wrongs do not make right.

So use a well-maintained, automated blacklist, like bl.spamcop.net.
Otherwise, it would be like accusing everybody in an apartment
building of making and selling meth, even if they only found one lab
in one apartment and no other evidence anybody else is doing anything

Tell that to Cox cable (and other large providers) who block outboudn 25 except to their own servers. I've already yelled 'til I'm blue in the face at their tier 3 support to know they don't give a shit what their customers think. At least DSLExtreme does the right thing and lets their customers opt out of the block by signing an extra waiver stating they are aware of what port 25 is and will be held responsible for their spew.

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