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Re: ssh -X from A through B to C

Mark Gillingham wrote:
>On Wednesday, February 11, 2004, at 12:36 AM, Cristian Gutierrez wrote:

>% ssh -X -v web2.mydomain.org  /usr/X11R6/bin/xcalc
>Error: Can't open display:

As someone else already pointed out in answer on this thread, you may be
missing the xbase-clients package, which would enable B's sshd to set up
the "proxyed X server".

>I still have a display error as seen by the following log from a
>session like ssh -X B ssh -X C xclock:
>% ssh -X -v web2.mydomain.org ssh -X bitbox.mydomain.org

Yes, because the middle step (X forwarding from B) cannot be

>A's sshd_config file has the following settings (A is OS X Darwin):
>X11Forwarding yes

A's sshd is untouched. If any, you should put your client options in

>B's sshd_config file has the following settings (B is Wood):
>X11Forwarding yes
>X11DisplayOffset 10

This is ok; it just can't be used because of the missing package, AFAICT.

>C's sshd_config file has the following settings (C is HR7.3):
>#X11Forwarding no
>X11Forwarding yes

You should be certain that the equivalent package in C is installed. If
it has a working X installation, it should be fine.

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