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Re: Troubles to install debian in a Machintosh

On Feb 13, 2004, at 1:03 PM, Fernando R. Fernandes wrote:

Hello, I have a problem about Debian installation in a macintosh performa 6360. I have installed the system to run in text mode, but I can’t install graphic model that are into Debian CD. While basic installation, I couldn’t obtain access by CD too, then I had to make a copy of CDs in my hard disk, after this it was possible to follow with installation, so I am not getting any results using apt-setup when I ask to run Debian CD and is showed a message saying that cdrom device was detected but does not seem to have a Debian CD in it. . What steps can I follow to progress with Debian Installation in my computer.

It will be much easier if the machine has a network connection to add software using apt-get.

You should subscribe to the debian-ppc list, all the Debian Mac users are typically on that list, and there's some very helpful people there.


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