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Experiment, partial positive results: 2.6.2

I installed a 2.6.2-1 Kernel Image and successfully made an initrd with ext3 
and ... and ... the thing booted (after a small correction in the 
mkinitrd.conf requested by the first panic message!).

OK. Alsa would start up. I did not expect it to since there is an updated alsa 
for this kernel and some stuff built in for it. (If I want to use this kernel 
but keep my old one around for a while, might a get the newer alsa and not 
kill the older one?)

A couple of modules were not found. "Assumed built into kernel". No harm 

And, oh yes, the mouse did not work but there has been a lot of that going 
around lately :-) Would the /dev/mouse0 entry in XF86Config-4 interfere with 
the old kernel?

Similar initrds made for my 2.4.22-xfs are not accepted as valid ram images.

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