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Re: Debian on 640KB or RAM?

I just found my old Compaq SLT|286 from the 1990ies! It has 640KB of RAM,
no mouse and a 80286 CPU at 12 mhz!

I'm sorry, I don't think it will work unless you make some special effort.

I don't think the 80286 has a memory management unit, and one is required to use the normal kind of Linux kernel.

HOWEVER, there is a version of Linux for CPUs that don't have MMUs, and maybe you could see if there is something that can be made to work. It's used for embedded systems on processors like the ARM7TDMI. The motorola embedded chips are similar to 680x0 chips.


It would probably be a lot of work.

uCLinux is now integrated with the 2.6 kernel, I understand.

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