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Re: gzip segmentation fault on Woody

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 01:03:26AM -0600, techlists wrote:
> I have had a rescent problem where gzip nolonger works on my woody
> server.  it seg faults.

Hi, techlists.

Once gzip gets f*** up, the system is almost unusable.  My few $0.01

(0) Backup the current /bin/gzip, so you can investigate the problem
(1) Try to get /bin/gzip from another computer, or
(2) download the gzip .deb, and decompress it using an app linked with
    zlib (/bin/gzip doesn't use zlib, it seems), or
(3) boot off the rescue cd/floppy/whatever, and copy its /bin/gzip over
    your /bin/gzip, or unpack it from the gzip*.deb (don't forget the
    libraries it depends on).
(4) Install the real gzip, from your chosen distribution flavour.
(5) Compare the two binaries, find the problem, fail a bug possibly.


Jan Minar                   "Please don't CC me, I'm subscribed." x 9

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