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Re: Can't boot: "hda: lost interrupt" after possibly screwing up kernel.

Andreas Janssen wrote:

> You can boot from one of the Debian CDs. For example, insert CD1 and
> type:
> rescbf24 root=/dev/hdsomething

I don't have one of those -- I used the Debian sarge installer CD (about 100
MB) and that option doesn't work with it.  But I'll get one!

> Or try to boot with your current kernel, and pass either the pci=noacpi
> or acpi=off parameters. In some cases this helps.

It doesn't give me the opportunity to pass parameters (I believe because
there's only one LILO configuration).

I've got a Knoppix 3.3 CD but it must be the wrong one: it stops with a Tux
logo and "Error: only one processor found".

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