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Re: video card compatibility

On Sunday 08 February 2004 22:14, Ashley Mervyn Graham wrote:
> so, i'm asking for suggestions of video cards under debian/linux, i
> would like it to work out of the box, i would like it to be
> relatively cheap ($75-$150), it doesnt have to be new, or handle
> games, as i use consoles for that. but i want video playback, also, a
> nice resolution wouldn't be that bad.

I'm happy with my Matrox Milliennium G450 DH. I'm not sure about it's 
video playback capacity, but check it out, at least one of its 
immediate successors should be good at it. It has explicit Linux 
support, and Matrox has a mgapdesk tool, which is GPLed and in Debian.

It's not a serious gamer's card, since the 3D support is not very good, 
but it is crystal clear in 2D, and that's important when you stare at 
the screen for most of the day... 


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