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Re: problem with X

On February 7, 2004 11:45 am, Bytor the Destroyer wrote:
> I have done some reading and I have commented out the lines in my
> XF86Config file load GLcore and load dri.  It solved the problem with the
> errors I got in my XFree86 log.  I am still having a problem with getting X
> up and running.  I can get the Nvidia spash screen and then I get a black
> and white screen with a lot of dots on it and a black x for the mouse
> pointer. Then after a quick second it goes back to text mode.  Here is my
> XFree86 log.  I can not see what the problem is.  Hopefully someone can
> give me a clue.  Thanks Clyde

The white screen with a lot of dots means that you do indeed have X up and 
running.  X is looking for a window manager or program to run and when it 
doesn't find one exits.

Make sure you have KDE or Gnome or whatever window manager installed and then 
edit/create the .xsession file in your home directory. Mine looks as follows:

exec wmaker
# exec gnome-session
# exec kde3

I uncomment what I feel like using that day. Some people prefer to use a 
display mamnager like kdm/gdm/xdm that logs you in and lets you select from a 
variety of installed window/session managers.

hope this helps,

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