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Re: references (was "Re: Has anyone ever ...")

Johann, et al --

...and then Johann Koenig said...
% On Friday February  6 at 06:39am
% Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
% > User-Agent: Mutt/
% This has been bothering me for a while. I thought Mutt was good because

Yep.  It's da bomb.  It's phat.  It rulez.  Everything else sucks.

Basically, any affirming superlative describes mutt accurately and well.

% it supported threading, but I see a number of posts without references
% set, which is a royal PITA for me. I use Sylpheed-Claws, which has

Me, too.

% awesome support for mailing lists. But when the In-reply-to header is
% not set, it falls back on threading based on headers. Quite annoying.

Absolutely.  A real pain.

% So, I ask: is this because mutt actually does *not* use In-reply-to or
% because some mutt users are (un)intentionally breaking threading?

In general it's because of crap MUAs ("mail programs") like Outhouse.

Both of Paul Johnson's posts immediately before your post had full IRT
and Ref headers as well as MIDs.  If you would care to post the MID of an
offending message I would be happy to check my copy.  I note, though,
that every single one of the posts in this god-forsaken thread has been
properly threaded (I, too, allow "threading by guesswork" but can see
when that has happenned).

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