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Re: sftp sources?

Sam Halliday <samuel@ma.hw.ac.uk> writes:

>hello there,
>i am trying to convert a bunch of friends to using Debian GNU/Linux as
>opposed to the unmaintained Redhat... a major selling point being the
>constant maintenance and security updates by FTP and HTTP.
>unfortunately all of the would-be-converts are in a university network
>which has bandwidth allocation caps on FTP and HTTP. for example: a
>typical FTP download (to a machine 5 miles away) goes at ~2K/s, even
>when the undergrads have all gone home and are not clogging the
>resources, whereas an scp (across a hemisphere and a timezone) goes
>~200K/s. the good news being that port 22 is not capped: i was
>wondering if there were SFTP sources equivalent to the FTP lists? (or
>any other non ftp/http methods which may solve this problem)

May be they can use an external proxy via ssh. Say, they have ssh access
to host X where X is outside their university network and can use a
proxy on Y:8000 (Y could be X itself). Now they can forward their
localhost:8000 to Y:8000 ssh'ing through X, and set APT to use
localhost:8000 as a proxy.

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