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Re: How to see if SMP is working

Hans du Plooy wrote:

Intel MultiProcessor Specification v1.1
    Virtual Wire compatibility mode.
OEM ID: INTEL    Product ID: RD440LX DP   APIC at: 0xFEE00000
Processor #0 Pentium(tm) Pro APIC version 17
I/O APIC #1 Version 17 at 0xFEC00000.
Enabling APIC mode: Flat.       Using 1 I/O APICs
Processors: 1

Looks as if only one processor is activated. Usually you should find this:

Processors: 2

For each processor some entries saying something about it's speed, etc.

Perhaps you could check these things:

- Has the second processor ever worked? Is it activated, etc.
- Did you try a precompiled debian kernel package with SMP Support?
- Is there a way to enable the newer "Intel MultiProcesssor Spec 1.4"
- perhaps are there some kernel boot flags to force things

just my two cents (I'm using a AMD Athlon MP box and I did never have any problems to bring both processors to live)


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