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Re: will WordPerfect8 clobber Debian Sid system?

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 at 11:17am, Andrew Schulman wrote:

:> I've been trying to use OpenOffice Writer for a project requiring a
:> multipage table.  Unfortunately, OOWriter cannot make (or display!)
:> multipage tables, and apparently *will not* until version 2.0.  This kind
:> of stinks, but now I'm looking at alternatives.  I've heard some people
:> rave about the old WordPerfect 8 and its capabilities (wordprocessor
:> preference is a subjective thing, I know).  I know there are .debs for it
:> out there to be had, since a version of it came packaged with some
:> versions of (the Debian-based) Corel Linux.  What I'm wondering about is
:> the feasibility/advisability of attempting to install WP8 to my Debian Sid
:> system.  There are probably at least 2 aspects to this question: 1)
:> potential dependency problems and their resolution; and 2) potential for
:> harming my current setup by some files (say, older libraries) overwriting
:> others.  I am also not sure about WP8's ability to use truetype fonts.
:> Can anyone please comment on these matters?
:For general background about WP8 for Linux see

Excellent resource.  I have a _very_ brief page at


which might be helpful.

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