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Re: Need help, dual NICs, don't know whether this /etc/network/interfaces file is correct (sorry I accidentally replied to you, Adam)

Joseph Jones wrote:

On Wednesday 04 February 2004 09:39 pm, Joseph Jones wrote:

Could someone just check over this for me please? I'm having no end of
trouble trying to get my nforce's onboard interface working.

 I try to get it working by starting up my PC. I was under the
impression that that was all was requied after installing the kernel
(it's all my Via Rhine based card needed).

Upon bootup, it says something along the lines of eth1: ERROR while
getting interface flags: No such device (dmesg has ceased to work for
some reason, so I had to right it down as it flashed by) about 6 or so

I suspect you don't have the correct module loaded. Try running "modconf" and see if you can find the appropriate driver for your nforce board. Alternatively, if you know the correct module by name, you can simply "modprobe <module_name>", and if testing shows the network to work, add this module name to "/etc/modules".

After either the modprobe or the modconf, you'll want to restart your networking with "/etc/init.d/networking restart".


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