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Re: Help to create softlink to libglide2x.so

On 2004-02-05, Arnt Karlsen penned:
> On Wed, 4 Feb 2004 12:03:52 +0100, "Thomas B. Døderlein"
> <thomasd@online.no> wrote in message 
><[🔎] 000101c3eb0e$a73fed80$6b604382@kunststoff.no>:
>> Hi
>> Can anyone help me to create a softlink to libglide2x.so? I pretty
>> new to Debian/linux and are struggling a lot to get the X system to
>> work.  I will need a kinda detailed instruction on how to do this,
>> what to call the file, where I can locate it (if it is hiding
>> somewhere:) and which program to use to make/edit the link.
> ..rtfm: man ln .

specifically, you want to look at the option '-s'


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