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Re: being hacked? - hatches/hardening

The best thing to tighten up your network is a firewall........... try this
one I use it here for customers. It's free it's (not really :-) fun and it's
reliable, never had any trouble with it. Easy to maintain, just
great........... works with ip tables


This is a really good wall, prebuilt, etc, very nice............. the iso is
about 40 megs large, so just steal back the old box you gave your little
sister to play with, because you thought it would never get a second chance
to do anything usefull :-)


P.S.: I'm using a PII with ???? Mhz and the webserver behind it gets about
500.000 clicks per day and has a traffic per month up to 300-550
gigs............. :-)

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