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Re: being hacked? - hatches/hardening

On Sunday 01 February 2004 07:34 pm, @(none) wrote:
> Any other packages recommended for battening down the hatches?

I have aide and sxid installed.  I also ran bastille to give me some
ideas on tightening things up.  I created a gcc group for compilation
(I've had a box owned in the past by allowing all users access to
compiles).  I've probably done some stuff I can't remember, too.

I strongly recomend Hacking Linux Exposed, a book whose website is at

(Heh, my company just blocked the site because the url contains the word
"hacking" ... how's that for funny?)

The book really helps you think about security.  It gives no pat
answers, but it definitely shows how devious you can be if you're
seriously paranoid about intrusion.

As others have said, security is all about how much time you want to
spend locking down your machine.  You could spend your whole life
locking things down and still miss something.  But that doesn't mean you
shouldn't do as much as you can with the amount of time you *can* spend
on it.


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