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Re: Gnome on Debian-HPPA

On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 06:49:04PM +0100, Jens Simmoleit wrote:
> I reactivated my old HP Gecko 712/80 and installed debian on it. Everything
> worked fine so far (started with minimum system). But now here's the noodle
> scratcher................. I ran tasksel, because I decided to install
> GNOME, KDE, etc. But the installation brings back an error message: twm is
> dependend on x-windows but can't be installed (yes thats true, looked it up
> under package search @ debian.org! This package is NOT for HPPA!)

Hm? twm is available for hppa, and should be installable on stable.
Where are you seeing this on the debian.org web site, and exactly what
error message do you see?

> After that I made the decision to simply install the packages I'd need
> to install and run GNOME. So I installed, gdm, gnome-core,
> x-windows-core without any problems. Doing an apt-get install
> x-windows brings me back to the point I started from in
> tasksel................ twm can't be installed but x-windows is
> dependend on it :-(

You mean 'x-window-system-core' and 'x-window-system'. Certainly, you
don't need x-window-system itself, if you want to install some different
window manager.

> So I said, well what the f*ck, maybe the x-window-core is enough and
> started gdm, but it just won't start up. Debian asks me if the system
> itself should give it a try,

Again, you're summarizing the error message. Could you quote it exactly?
It makes it easier to search for it.

> tries, but still  nothing, no gfx on my screen :-( The screen turns
> black several times, but no gfx logon pops up).

Perhaps you haven't installed a window manager. For GNOME in stable, try


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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