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coding system woes / OpenOffice


part of my work is to write some plain text files, that will later be
put to several uses by different applications. Hence the plain text.
And because I'm lazy, I like to copy'n'paste them off the WWW...

Now, for the copy&paste part to work, I have to set the coding system of
my editor to utf-8. If they're anything else, both gedit and emacs will
garble german umlauts in the text.
Utf-8 is fine for me -- seemingly it is the preferred coding system for

However, OpenOffice seemingly only expects Latin-1 when opening text
files -- anything else (including utf-8) will suffer. In times long
past, OOo would have asked me wich coding system to try for a given
file, but since some time (1) it will just assume iso-8859-1 and, again,
make a mess of my utf-8 files.

The localization and coding system stuff has been nagging for quite some
time. I've messed around a lot with it, and though most things now work
better than before, OOo no longer asks for coding systems but uses
iso-8859-1 no matter what the file actually is. I'd like to revert this
if I only knew how... and as long as I won't lose the current language
support I _do_ have.

So, I'm a bit at a loss here and don't know wich way to turn.


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