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Re: how to stop alert "Nvi saved the file .procmailrc"


Everyday I get the following message set to me. (the date is always 26th of

Subject:  Nvi saved the file .procmailrc
Body: On Mon Jan 26 16:37:17 2004, the user root was editing a
file named /home/david/.procmailrc on the machine anubis,
when it was saved for recovery. You can recover most, if not
all, of the changes to this file using the -r option to vi:

  vi -r /home/david/.procmailrc


I have tried the vi -r ... and I still get the message.

Can anyone give me a hint as to what might be causing this, and how to cure?

My mail setup is exim/ fetchmail/ procmail/ imap/ kmail and i am using Maildir



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