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Re: Root Password recovery

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 03:00:05PM +0100, Andreas Janssen wrote:
> Hello
> Quartenoud Francois (<Francois.Quartenoud@SWISSTXT.CH>) wrote:
> > Hi, I have change the root password on a Debian 3.0. I make a mistake
> > during the typing, I cannot retrieve the password. I try to reboot 
> > with typing "linux single" on Lilo, but the system ask the root 
> > password. I try to type "linux init=/bin/sh" on lilo without success.
> What did not work? Did you maybe forget that, if you use linux
> init=/bin/sh, your root partition is mounted read-only? Try
> linux init=/bin/sh
> mount / -o remount,rw
> passwd
> reboot

  It could be that the OP uses an initrd. As far as I know, initrd
stands in the way of init=/bin/sh.

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