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Re: Help on compiling new kernel

Jens Simmoleit wrote:
Hi list,
there is one thing I never did before and that is compiling a kernel. I've got an old 266er dual board and would like to compile the kernel that it will also use the second cpu, in addition to that I'd like to use lvm-mod and the LVM10, so that I can build logical volume groups. I've searched the net a little bit with google and also tried to get more info out of the readme's, but I don't get what "they" are talking about. Does somebody know a *really good* Howto, which explains how to compile a kernel *step by step*? Thanks a lot for your help,

hi jens

baking a new kernel for your debian box is not too hard, if you use the
tools in kernel-package. as the name suggests, kernel-package will produce a .deb package that you can install/remove with dpkg. so the tricky part for you will be the configuration, which in turn depends mostly on your hardware components (you should know what's in your box).

read the debian reference for instructions:


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