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Re: Grub/Lilo problems

On Tue, Feb 03, 2004 at 10:00:31AM +0000, paulsmith20378@ntlworld.com wrote:
> I also tried uninstalling grub using dselect. I assume that the grub that I uninstalled was a debian grub, not the one that is booting my system. 

Hi, Paul.

The bootstrappers are managed unlike the rest of the system.  Simple
uninstalling wouldn't do.  What you uninstall is the ``grub installer''.
The bootsector installed by this `installer' remains there.  Think about
it a little :-)

> Is there an easy way to make the hd blank, as new, so that I can install knoppix again? Or a way to make lilo boot instead of this grub thing?

No need for such draconian steps.  Grub is just fine, why should you
want to remove it, after all?  What you want to do, is to tell grub (or
lilo) where to look for the kernel image (and maybe the initrd image),
and to specify the kernel command line.  The GRUB Manual is your friend
(apt-get install grub-doc; info grub).  Just to give you something to
start with, here is my menu.lst snippet:

| title Linux 2.4.24-jan #8
| kernel (hd0,4)/bzImage-2.4.24-jan.build8 root=/dev/hda6 video=neo
| boot


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