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Re: Installing woody on IBM xSeries 342

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 09:24, Izi Goldenberg wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to install woody on IBM xSeries 342 server with server raid 4lx,
> but the installer doesn't recognize the card. after googling for it, I
> found some links to disk drivers, but they aren't available anymore. I
> tried to compile the ips.o module on another computer (downloaded the
> 2.4.18 source, copied the bf24 configuration added module support for ips
> and compiled - renamed the version in the makefile to bf24). but when I
> tried to give this module on floppy to the installer it had unresolved
> symboles and it didn't load.
> does anybody have a working link to a driver disk (or can instruct me how to
> compile the module so it will load)?

don't compile it as a module, just compile it into the kernel. once you
compile the kernel, copy it over linux.bin on an install floppy. That
avoids having to load the module when installing. If you are going to
put your root fs on RAID, you'll need to compile support ServeRAID in


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